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Ultimate Real Estate offers an integrated property investment service for our clients and manage the entire process in-house. We source and acquire property in prime London locations and add capital and rental value through bespoke refurbishment, development, letting and management.

Ultimate Real Estate offers our investors a turnkey solution when it comes to property management.


Ultimate Real Estate has over 36 years of collective property investment and management experience. We have built a unique investment model, with value addition as our key focus.

We strive to always combine the following investment principles when making an investment:


We believe that you can add immediate value by purchasing a property at below market prices. A good investment is made on the day you purchase the property.


We believe in investing in areas with a geographical location that has historically been neglected due to bad infrastructure (roads, railways, shopping centres, leisure facilities, academic institutions), but which has the potential for tremendous added value, once the infrastructure is in place. The areas we focus on are already guaranteed of the uplift in infrastructure – the following links highlight the development in and around the areas we target:


A crucial part of our investment strategy is to purchase property where we have the opportunity to add value by redeveloping the property – whether it is a simple refurbishment of the current property, extending and converting the original property to add square footage, or even splitting existing property into flats. We usually do a combination of the above. Not only does it increase the value of the property on the capital front, but it also enables us to achieve a higher rental yield because of our unique rental product.


Ultimate Real Estate has refined the art of achieving exceptional rental yields on the residential properties we manage by effectively splitting the houses into units and renting these units out on individual tenancies. A unit will usually consist of a bedroom and bathroom, and there will be a communal kitchen and living/dining area. In the United Kingdom, this type of tenancy is regulated and there are specific specialised lending products available for this sector. The sector is called HMO (House of Multiple Occupation).

Typical gross yields on residential investment in the greater London area are around 3% to 4%, where our investments achieve between 7.5% and 10% on a like for like basis.



  • We purchased this property for £730 000 in January 2015
  • A terraced house in a gated development next to Canada Water Tube station
  • Identified the opportunity to convert the loft and garage
  • Turned property into a 6-bedroom, 6-bathroom house
  • 10-month project turnaround
  • Property valued at £1 million after refurbishment
  • Net 26% uplift in capital invested


  • We purchased 18 residential houses in private development for £7 million in June 2013
  • Arranged as 93 rooms on an HMO basis
  • Properties were dated and did not adhere to current HMO standards
  • We refurbished and extended the houses to maximise rent and meet all legal standards
  • Refurbishment project cost £1,3 million
  • 12-month project turnaround
  • Properties valued at £13.4 million after refurbishment in June 2015
  • Net 106% uplift in capital invested
  • Rental income in excess of £70 000 per month


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