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South London District

Historically a major player in London’s river trade, Bermondsey is a centrally located area with plenty to offer both property investors, owner occupiers and tenants following an extensive revamp over the last 10 years. This South London district is part of the Borough of Southwark, with Tower Bridge and The Shard as it’s most well known London landmarks.

Thanks to an injection of new life through the extension of the Jubilee Line that brought the West End within 15 minutes’ reach, by 1999 Bermondsey was already well on its way towards becoming the vibrant neighbourhood it had been almost a century earlier.

Today Bermondsey is a lively part of town with a hip and happening night life that features great restaurants, bars, pubs and coffee houses.

Bermondsey is one among a number of growing east and South East London locations that the Mayor of London has earmarked for fast-tracking regeneration. Current regeneration projects include New Bermondsey, Bermondsey Spa, Bermondsey Works and The Millwill Regeneration Project.


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